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Kids in the Blackbox

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19th October 2005

freddysfollower9:36pm: i here by will read the euology of the theatre family community
the theatre family still lives....................

but not here.

without sophomores a.k.a fucked up freshman

ashes to ashes dust to dust,
Current Mood: crushed

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30th August 2005

et3rnalsunshin310:00am: Movie fans and reviewers are wanted at: http://movies.matchflick.com

Meet other movie fans, post movie reviews, read the latest movie news/gossip, plan a movie get together, etc.. Lots of fun! Check it out!

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28th July 2005

freddysfollower10:03pm: wow
didn't even know we had a little group thing goin on here. just postin a entry to say that i did.
i'll b talkin to.....everybody later i guess

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23rd December 2004

xbritbsx6:11pm: Yo
And yet... another freshamn. Bye!
Current Mood: crazy

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19th December 2004

bags_10:57am: hi *waves*
i just found this community;] well i am a freshy theatre major ! i see dana and jesse are here! well just wanted to say hey this place seems pretty dead to me

Current Mood: tired

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14th November 2004

electricapple2:09pm: Hi!
Hi. This Dana. I am another anonymous freshman that you may torture mercilessly. Just saying hi and bouncing away now.

Celebrate the casting of RENT. Sorry, I am mentioning that everywhere.

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19th October 2004

openyoureyes_x5:04pm: so i just wanted to say that all ya'll who did your IE peices today did awesome! i loved them. and good luck everybody on saturday.

love, jesse.

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10th October 2004

___bang_7:06pm: Yo im posting.
Hey guys. Screw the theatre family being dead. So we've had problems this year: pacetti, minors, being the dreaded "sophomores", confessions of love, maturing, going in different directions. I dont think thats a big enough excuse not to try.

I know its different without the bonding time we had when smitty was here. And now we've got to deal with pacetti and thats the way is has to be. Its a change we all have to accept. Im trying.

Its been crazy this year so far with all the confessions of love and whatnot. Im sorry for those who have gotten hurt in the process. But ya know what doesnt kill you makes you stronger. And you can use that pain in stage.

Hootmans song got to me. Its all true. And thats scary.

I miss the times when we I used to sit on the top row next to justine, nick, and trevor. I miss making fun of smitty when the room got cold ;) eh eh who doesnt remember that??!! I miss trying to get dietsch to crack. Between me and justine it had to work somewhat. I miss the stairwell. I miss in gairs class when one by one we would sneak out and go hide in the stairwell. One day he walked in and caitlin and i were hiding on the other side from the door. It was grand. I miss being able to go in the tech booth just to say you were working on something so that you could play with the lights. I miss gairs class when he would take us up onto the catwalk and then watching nick drop wrenches onto the floor. Oh and the times we used to spend in the dressingrooms. Hahhh ryan in the shower. I miss everything that we had. But who says we cant have it any more?!

So i'm still going to try. I love you guys :)

P.s. i know it was me rambling but at least the community isnt as dead as it has been.

♥ Shae

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8th October 2004

openyoureyes_x6:49pm: sooo this community is sorta stagnant but..whatever i thought what the hey ill join anyways.

im guessing introductions are in order. im jesse. and yeah..im a freshie. but hey, ya gotta start somewhere...im sure ya'll have seen me around the center and im sure ive seen all of you guys around too.

so now ya'll have a freshman in the family to pick on. :P

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26th August 2004

triplethreat0710:23pm: I tried my hardest..
I know that all dont dislike Pacetti but those that dont my love goes out to you. With argument, fights, attitudes, and bullshit I have failed you all and for that I am deeply sorry. Like I said in my LJ..

"I will have my opinion and stick to it..You better believe I will."

She can do whatever she wants to me, I honestly dont care..but I wont go on fantasizing that things arent going to be back to normal..it's to the point where I can tell you who's in who's "group" and that shouldn't be right.

Until some other time,
Current Mood: crappy

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18th August 2004

triplethreat073:04pm: Hello Friends!
It has come to my attention that the current depression "Charley" as we call it has hit our "home" and there may not be Joseph! I may be wrong but if there is anyone out there that has any info please contact me pronto!

Current Mood: pissed off

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23rd July 2004

legatobluedream8:31pm: Post Thine Schedules
My schedule as of now brothers and sisters:

1. Dance Tech Uno
2. Acting Dos
3. Theatre History Dos
4. Honors english Dos
5. World History
6. Honors Biology Uno
7. Geometry

And second semester I got Musical Theatre Uno for first period. Happy trails, my theatre chitlins.


"I decided that putting a bullet between your eyes is much more effective than telling you to shut up." -Drew Dietsch
Current Mood: creative

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14th July 2004

legatobluedream11:10pm: No Can Do
Can't come tomorrow. Sorry. Plans I didn't know about. Catch you on the flipside.


"Black hole sun, won't you come and wash away the rain? Black hole sun won't you come? Won't you come?" -Soundgarden
Current Mood: artistic

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legatobluedream5:04pm: Welcome Ash
Your name's Ash? You're my new best friend man. You like Evil Dead? Hope so. Well, welcome to the conversations of a subtle little community of twisted theatre individuals. We welcome you with open fucking arms. Catch you all later.


"I wanna get psycho. Run you little bitch. I want your bubble blowing, juicy, flowing red hot meaning of life. It's not enough to have a little taste. I want the whole damn thing." -Disturbed
Current Mood: predatory

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urban525891:05am: What a fucking hott comunity this is. Glad to be a part of it.

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12th July 2004

awriterswindow6:15pm: Hey...
I am a definite theater geek, and so I joined this community. But when I looked at the bio after, it said it's for a certain group...there were a bunch of letters I don't remember. So if I don't belong here...let me know!

Anyway, I'm Ash and I live in Ft. Lauderdale. I'm part of ITS and my school drama team, which I love. I'm obsessed with Avenue Q right now, and I also love Aida.

I think that's it for now...thanks!
Current Mood: curious

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11th July 2004

___bang_10:26pm: Shae is here!!!!! Anyways im going to try to go on thursdays to go clean the theatre. Anyone else?

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legatobluedream4:17pm: Dietsch Is Snootchie Nootchin'
So this is the community board eh? Pretty roomy. We could set up an Are You Afraid Of The Dark shrine over there in the corner maybe. :-) This should be lotsa fun my familia de theatre. We'll bitch and laugh and all that shit in here. Let's get to it.

"Bad luck and extreme misfortune will infest your pathetic soul for all eternity." - Fortune Cookie
Current Mood: optimistic

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