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Yo im posting.

Hey guys. Screw the theatre family being dead. So we've had problems this year: pacetti, minors, being the dreaded "sophomores", confessions of love, maturing, going in different directions. I dont think thats a big enough excuse not to try.

I know its different without the bonding time we had when smitty was here. And now we've got to deal with pacetti and thats the way is has to be. Its a change we all have to accept. Im trying.

Its been crazy this year so far with all the confessions of love and whatnot. Im sorry for those who have gotten hurt in the process. But ya know what doesnt kill you makes you stronger. And you can use that pain in stage.

Hootmans song got to me. Its all true. And thats scary.

I miss the times when we I used to sit on the top row next to justine, nick, and trevor. I miss making fun of smitty when the room got cold ;) eh eh who doesnt remember that??!! I miss trying to get dietsch to crack. Between me and justine it had to work somewhat. I miss the stairwell. I miss in gairs class when one by one we would sneak out and go hide in the stairwell. One day he walked in and caitlin and i were hiding on the other side from the door. It was grand. I miss being able to go in the tech booth just to say you were working on something so that you could play with the lights. I miss gairs class when he would take us up onto the catwalk and then watching nick drop wrenches onto the floor. Oh and the times we used to spend in the dressingrooms. Hahhh ryan in the shower. I miss everything that we had. But who says we cant have it any more?!

So i'm still going to try. I love you guys :)

P.s. i know it was me rambling but at least the community isnt as dead as it has been.

♥ Shae
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thats what i've been trying to say for a while, but i just liked hoots song. thats it:)